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distanceatraw(Point1, Point2, Point3) or distanceatraw(Point1, Curve, Point3)


This command is used in Symbolic view. Similar to distanceat(), this commmand returns the distance between two points or between a point and a curve and places that measurement at the location of Point3 in the Plot view. The distance is unlabeled.


distanceatraw(1+I, 3+3i, point(0,0)) returns 2.828…or 2√2 and places that measure at the origin in Plot view. If GA is the point at (0, 0) and GB is defined as plotfunc(4-x^2/4), then distanceat(GA, GB, GA) returns 3.464… or 2√3 and places this measure in Plot view at (0,0). Define A:=point(0) and B:=point(1+i); then distanceatraw(A,B,(1+i)/2)) returns √2 and places this measurement at (1/2, 1/2)

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