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Starts a view of the current app. Redraw, is optional; if Redraw, is true (non 0), it will force a refresh for the view. The view numbers are as follows: 0=Symbolic 1=Plot 2=Numeric 3=Symbolic Setup 4=Plot Setup 5=Numeric Setup 6=App Info 7=Views key If the current app has views defined under the Views menu, then the following view numbers are used: 8=First special view (Split Screen Plot Detail) 9=Second special view (Split Screen Plot Table) 10=Third special view (Autoscale) 11=Fourth special view (Decimal) 12=Fifth special view (Integer) 13=Sixth special view (Trig) If ViewNumber is negative, the following global views are used: -1=HomeScreen -2=Modes -3=Memory Manager -4=App Library -5=Matrix Catalog -6=List Catalog -7=Program Catalog -8=Note Catalog

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