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The Advanced Graphing App is designed to plot graphs in the x/y plane. It can handle conic sections, polynomials, inequalities – virtually any mathematical open sentence in x or y or both – or neither.

Screen Right

  1. Press I and tap on the Advanced Graphing icon. The app opens in Symbolic view.
    There are 10 fields (S1-S9 and S0) for defining the graphs you want plotted in the Plot view.
  2. In S1, enter X2+3Y2+2XY81=0.
  3. Tap on the color picker to choose a color for the graph.
  4. PressP to see the graph of S1.
  5. Tap Menu to open the menu. Screen Right The menu is basically the same as the menu in the Plot view of the Function app, though without the Fcn menu. Things you can do:
    • Tap anywhere on the display to re-locate the cursor
    • Press + and w to zoom in and out on the cursor
    • Tap and drag to scroll the graphing window
    • Trace the edge, interior, or jump between points of interest (x-intercepts, intersections, inflections points, etc.)
  6. Tap Defn and an editor opens, showing you the current expression in textbook format. Tap Edit and change the = to <.
    Screen Right Hint: press S6 to open a menu of common relational operators and tap <.
  7. Tap OK to see the graph of the inequality; tap to exit the editor

The Advanced Graphing App can plot the graphs of many types of relations. The table below lists just a few:

Relations Examples Notes
Polynomials in x and y x2+3x2+2xy81=0 a rotated ellipse
4y45x2y2+x4=0 check out the factors
Linear Inequalities 2x+3y<5
1>0 plots every pixel
Sin((x2+y25)2)>Sin(8Tan1(xy)) see below

The gallery below shows some example graphs. There is also a gallery built-in to the app. From the Plot view of the app, press Z and select Visit Plot Gallery. Use > and < to move between graphs.

Screen Left Screen Right Screen Left Screen Right Screen Left Screen Right

What about plotting and tracing some trigonometric functions?