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With HP Prime, you can choose whether to operate numerically in the Home view or symbolically using the CAS in the CAS view. For example, press H and enter 8 in the Home view to see 2.828… or press K and enter the same expression in the CAS view to see 28

Screen Left Screen Right

  1. Calculation History
    • Tap to select an entry
    • Tap twice to copy it to the command line
  2. Command Line Editor
    • 2D textbook format
  3. Menu Buttons
    • Tap to activate
    • Context-Sensitive

Things you can do in both CAS and Home views:

RPN Note: HP Prime supports RPN entry. In Home Settings (S H ), navigate to Entry and select RPN.
These workshop materials use the default Textbook setting.

Example: Infinite Series

Screen Right Suppose we wish to explore the series 1+23+45+87+169...

To begin with, we can compute the first few partial sums.

  1. Press H to enter the Home view.
  2. Type 1 and press E
  3. Press +3/2E
  4. Press e to cycle through its decimal, proper fraction, and improper fraction forms
  5. Continue as shown to the right until you have the first 5 partial sums

Screen Right

Another approach is to use lists. In the figure to the right, the List L1 is first defined to contain the 1 st partial sum (1), followed by the numerator and denominator of the following term. The second line adds the next term to the sum, then adds 2 to the numerator and multiplies the denominator by 2, and stores the result back into list L1.
From there, just pressing E generates the partial sums.

To use the CAS, we observe that the sum can be rewritten symbolically as:


  1. Press K to open the CAS view.
  2. Press c to open the template menu and select the summation template
  3. To enter n=0, press ASn>0
  4. To enter + at the top, tap on the top and press + , then S9 and tap on
  5. Tap on the right template box and enter the rational expression.
  6. When you are done, press E

Home and CAS views are just the tip of the iceberg. Move to HP Apps to explore rest.