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Areas and Volumes scientific-app screenshot}}
Name Areas and Volumes
Description Formulas for calculating areas and volumes.

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EXPORT AIREVOLU() BEGIN LOCAL N1, N2, L1; CHOOSE(N1, "Aire ou volume ?", "Aire", "Volume"); IF N1 == 1 THEN CHOOSE(N2, "Choix figure ?", "Rectangle", "Triangle", "Disque"); ELSE CHOOSE(N2, "Choix du solide", "Prisme droit", "Cylindre", "Cône", "Pyramide", "Sphère"); N2+3▶N2; END; L1 := {"Longueur*largeur", "Base*Hauteur/2", "π*rayon²", "Base*Hauteur", "π*rayon²*Hauteur", "π*rayon²*Hauteur/3", "Base… MSGBOX(L1(N2)); END;