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Dessiner graphics-app screenshot}}
Name Dessiner
Description Draw pictures with 10 colors and 3 brush widths with your fingers.
Author Mickaël Nicotera

Source code (download):

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EXPORT DRAW() BEGIN local touch; LOCAL T, C, L1; //By Mickaël Nicotera //http://mic.nic.free.fr C := 1; T := 1; L1 := {#000000h, #26D500h, #0094FFh, #FF0000h, #712A2Ah, #FFD800h, #FF006Eh, #88006Eh, #808080h, #00FFFFh}; CHOOSE(T, "Line Style", "thin", "thick", "very thick"); CHOOSE(C, "Color", "Black", "Green", "Blue", "Red", "Brown", "Yellow", "Pink", "Purple", "Grey", "Turquoise"); RECT; WHILE ISKEYDOWN(4) <> 1 do touch := mouse(); if ISKEYDOWN(0) THEN T := 1; END; if ISKEYDOWN(5) THEN T := 2; END; if ISKEYDOWN(14) THEN T := 3; END; if ISKEYDOWN(47) THEN C := 1; END; if ISKEYDOWN(42) THEN C := 2; END; if ISKEYDOWN(43) THEN C := 3; END; if ISKEYDOWN(44) THEN C := 4; END; if ISKEYDOWN(37) THEN C := 5; END; if ISKEYDOWN(38) THEN C := 6; END; if ISKEYDOWN(39) THEN C := 7; END; if ISKEYDOWN(32) THEN C := 8; END; if ISKEYDOWN(33) THEN C := 9; END; if ISKEYDOWN(34) THEN C := 10; END; if size(touch(1)) then IF touch(1, 5) == 2 THEN X := B→R(touch(1, 1)); Y := B→R(touch(1, 2)); PIXON_P(X, Y, L1(C)); PIXON_P(X+T-1, Y, L1(C)); IF T == 3 THEN PIXON_P(X+1, Y, L1(C)); PIXON_P(X, Y+1, L1(C)); PIXON_P(X+1, Y+1, L1(C)); END; END; END; END; END;